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Clearance Certificates

The meaning of ECNR is the status of the candidates on those travelling abroad will be issued with ECNR passport if they are qualified as per conditions laid down in the relevant rules of Govt. of India. It is not necessary their permission for such travels with the concerned POE every time. If the person is already possess the required ECNR the passport along with ECNR will be issued immediately to separate fee for this item will not be collected from the applicant.

If ECNR certificate is to be obtained separately a fee of Rs.300/- will be collected for the passport. Few years back, In all passport issued ECR required seal will be variably found a place in the passport booklets. Now, from 1.9.2006 the ECNR version is removed in the booklet, as such, ECVR stamping is removed it was considered as ECNR passport If the traveller is required to be identified as ECR candidate a fresh ECNR seal will be affixed on payment of fee prescribed and the ECR seal will be cancelled.